Timeless Tonic

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Timeless Tonic effectively extends your hair growth cycle to prevent shedding and hair loss, nourishing healthy hair continuously for glossier, stronger and thicker volume.

Enhances Hair Suppleness,
Shine & Sheen
Promotes Healthy Hair Growth & Maintenance
Boosts Hair Volume and Tenacity
Supports Scalp and Hair Health
Nourishes Hair Follicle

Key Ingredients:

Fleeceflower Root (He Shou Wu)

  • Prevents Follicle Damage And Hair Loss

Camellia Sinensis

  • Stimulates Blood Circulation, Improving Hair Growth, And Moisturising And Conditioning The Hair And Scalp.

Chinese Soapberry

  • Rich In Saponin To Cleanse The Scalp And Follicle-clogging Waste


  • Repairs And Rejuvenates Follicle Formation, Revives Damaged Hair And Boosts Hair Regrowth

Apply twice a day and massage gently into the scalp with your fingertips. Complete and continue with this treatment to prevent hair loss and maintain hair growth.

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