Saffron Hair - SILK SHAMPOO
Gain Superior Hydration,
Repair Benefits & Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Thanks to its high magnesium content, SAFFRON HAIR Silk Shampoo provides moisturising and anti-inflammatory action for most inflamed scalps. In addition to cleansing dirt, sebum, and pollution buildup in hair, its anti-inflammatory formula prevents chemical damage to the scalp and also acts as a barrier to strengthen and maintain your scalp’s moisture.
Nourishes Hair While Removing Dirt, Oil, and Buildup

Prevents Chemical Damage to the Scalp

Strengthens Damaged Hair

Prevents Future Hair Damage

Supports Hair’s Shine and Silkiness

Promotes Hair Growth, Improving It’s Long-term Health
Silk Shampoo
addresses your concerns with
a curated selection of natural active
ingredients extracted via advanced technique
and formulated with
cutting-edge German nanotechnology.
5 Key Healthy Hair
Supporting Natural Active Ingredients
Tibetan Gentian Flower

Promotes Hair Growth

Ligustrum Lucidum
(Glossy Privet Seeds)

Promotes Red Blood Cell Production

Fleeceflower Root
(He Shou Wu)

Prevents Follicle Damage and Hair Loss

Oriental Arborvitae

Prevents Damage Caused By Harmful Chemicals

Ginseng Extract

Enhances Hair Volume and Tenacity

Great For
is suitable for all scalp types and is especially suited for those experiencing
  •   Inflamed, Itchy, or Greasy Scalp
  •   Hair Loss
  •   Premature Hair Greying
  •   Dandruff
  •   Damaged Hair

Lather well before applying to damp hair, massage into scalp and rinse thoroughly.