Saffron Hair - ABOUT
SAFFRON HAIR is a product by Adonis Beauty Group, an award-winning homegrown expert in the beauty and wellness industry for over 30 years.
We’ve launched SAFFRON HAIR to address the serious problem of hair loss experienced by many including younger generations, especially millennials and females. Due to a myriad of factors, hair loss now no longer applies to individuals of advancing age or a particular gender.

 According to a 2019 survey among women in Singapore, hair loss was the primary concern for over 53% of respondents, and this issue was mainly found among women aged 25 years and above.

63% of men and
40% of women
will experience hair loss
47% of hair loss sufferers would
spend their life savings to
regain a full head of hair

A person's hair is one of the
first things people notice
when meeting for the first time
7% would consider breaking off
relations with their partner
if their partner suffered from hair loss

40% of men will have
noticeable hair loss by
the time they reach 35
On average, women dealing with
thinning hair are between the ages
of 25 and 35
Backed with advanced science, cutting-edge technology, and years of research and development, our products are created to help men and women tackle this severe issue while keeping in line with our ideology of upholding “internal and external care.”

At SAFFRON HAIR, our aim is simple and straightforward, to help all “Discover the Secret to Hair Follicles” and deliver results of full, gorgeous, and healthy hair to help individuals regain confidence in their appearances and live a better life.
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